The Building

The apartment, exceeding 400 square meters, is located in the second (and highest) floor of the nineteenth-century building, in Acireale (Catania). It has been renovated with the highest possible care, using luxury materials with the aim of offering a wonderful experience to our guests. Parquets, stuccos, marbles, the fireplace sculpted in the ceiling-coffered living room, the antique furniture are only some of the elements characterizing this magnificent venue, available to guests wishing to experience a unique stay. The apartment has seven big rooms (including the three sleeping suites), four bathrooms, a fitted kitchen equipped with appliances, a laundry, a terrace with a wonderful view on Villa Pennisi's ancient garden and five big balconies with sea view. The apartment is equipped with anything you may need for an extremely enjoyable stay.

Le Suites

Green Suite

Big and very bright room with an armoire/wardrobe, and an English dormouse. The room’s ancient furniture also include a writing desk, a sculpted “nymph” with a big mirror, a second armoire, two little chests

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Yellow Suite

Bright room with parquet floor and a big terrace with a crystal table, covered by a sliding pavilion and viewing on the marvelous ancient garden of Villa Pennisi.

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Blue Suite

Big and very bright room with two armoires, a dressing table, a console table, a writing desk and a small chest. The suite’s floor is in parquet. The bathroom, also having a parquet’s floor, has a shower, two crystal

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Common Space

The three suites are served by a wide entrance, where you will immediately notice a big chest of drawers and a nineteenth-century console. The entrance communicates with the beautiful dining room, that has an impressive oval inlaid table with its chairs. The dining room’s furniture also include two old cupboards filled with plates, glasses and cutlery, a display cabinet containing silver, ceramic and porcelain items, an electric samovar and a mirror with its golden frame. A wide double window in the ceiling ensures full light.
Big wooden green and ivory sliding doors, with the same design of the ceiling coffer and of the fixtures, separate the dining room from the main hall and from the yellow suite.
Close to the dining room, you will find the fully equipped kitchen with access to the garden-viewing terrace. A laundry and a big bathroom are placed close to the kitchen.
The main hall is an enormous room with a high ceiling coffer, a fireplace sculpted in the stone, two comfortable sofas, an inlaid table with its silk-covered chairs, a display cabinet with precious items, sculptures and old vases. Eighteenth-century chairs and sofa, together with other remarkable items, contribute to make this room unique.

Suite Gialla - Terrazza
Suite gialla - Salone
Suite Verde - Salone
Spazi comuni - Salone
Spazi comuni - Sala da pranzo
Il giardino di casa Pennisi
Il giardino di casa Pennisi
Spazi comuni - Ingresso
Spazi comuni - Salone, dettaglio credenza
Suite Azzurra - dettaglio orologio da tavolo
Spazi comuni - dettagli salone
Spazi comuni - Cucina
Spazi comuni - Sala da pranzo - dettaglio tavolo

A green and peaceful "magic ring", protected form the new vandals' aggression, still mindful of old steps. A silent theater of old time rhythms now disappeared.

Villa Pennisi in Musica is an international summer school where every aspect in connection with the training of live performing professionals is confronted. Il is the place where Music and Architecture meet. A Festival where EVERYTHING IS SOUND. Every aspect of a live event production (focusing on open-air classical music concerts) is studied: from the creation of the stage and of the artist’s lighting, to the best possible propagation of sound produced on stage and the preparation of performing artists. All this is possible thanks to the courses and workshops that take place at Villa Pennisi, a multifunctional location that

The garden of Villa Pennisi is one of the few ancient gardens that have resisted the assaults of building speculation: in fact it still is intact in its structure and in its original dimensions. The garden was designed by Mariano Falcini, who created the whole body of Villa Pennisi. He intended to create a classic design, with paths bordered by high hedges of box and large flower beds. He also inserted the tropical plants that you can still admire. Also, Mr. Falcini did not neglect the typically Mediterranean essences, creating a particularly attractive and charming environment. Thus, the garden is

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